Mongolian Ground Beef

Mongolian Ground Beef

Traditional Mongolian beef from restaurants contain a ton of soy, seed oils, sugar and low quality salt. I created a healthier option for your favorite take out meal. Save your pennies by ordering door dash or going to a restaurant. This is can be a very cheap meal to make and is perfect for leftovers.

The image below is an example of what is inside traditional Mongolian beef seasoning from the grocery store. The ingredients are very poor and not at all nourishing. It is incredibly easy to make your own blend at home and it is not as expensive as it sounds.

The second image below is a list of ingredients in a microwave Mongolian beef meal from PF Changs. Once again, the ingredients are poor and you would never look at this list and say that it sounds healthy.

Mongolian Ground Beef

Servings: 4


Combining cooconut aminos, acv and some delicious spices, you will have Mongolian beef within minutes. This pairs well with white rice and bell peppers. 



  1. Instructions

    Combine all of the spices and ingredients into a bowl and whisk together.

    Add ground beef to a cast iron skillet or other pan on medium low heat.

    Coat in the marinade and saute the meat until it is cooked all the way through. 

    Add the Mongolian beef to some white rice and add green onions if you wish.


    Optional add ins:

    Roasted Bell Peppers

    Roasted Carrots

    Fried Egg.

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