Cherry Berry Mocktail (Cocktail)

Valentines Day Mocktail(Cocktail)

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are opting to stay inside for Valentine’s Day, you should make these delicious V Day themed cocktail or mocktail. Infused with real strawberry syrup, tart cherry juice, and honey simple syrup.

What If I do not have honey simple syrup?

It is something you make at home, super easy to make and a link for the recipe will be in the notes. You do not have to add this to your drink, it just adds some additional sweetness.

Can I use regular honey instead of simple syrup honey?

You can, but it may not mix super well. The idea of honey simple syrup is that is is diluted honey with water and it mixes really well with beverages.

Cherry Berry Mocktail (Cocktail)

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 3 mins Total Time 3 mins
Servings: 1


The blend of strawberry syrup, tart cherry juice, poppi and honey simple syrup; makes for a delicious but very sweet mocktail. 



  1. Instructions

    Add all of the ingredients into a shaker bottle, cocktail shaker or blender and blend and add to a glass of your choice.


    If you want to be fancy, I used a martini glass.

    Coat the glass in coconut sugar and salt (optional but taste delicious)

    In order to do this, you just wet the rim of your glass and place the coconut sugar and salt in a bowl and roll the rim of the glass in the mixture.


    You can top your drink off with a garnish if you want to be extra. 

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