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Chocolate, Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins.

Okay, I’m actually not the biggest Fall person. I prefer hot days and Summer Nights. One thing I do love though is Pumpkin treats! I also love Chocolate. I decided to create this delicious recipe.

What is the difference between coco and cacao?

Cacao powder is the purest form of chocolate and has high levels of antioxidants. This is where the benefits of dark chocolate come from. I would recommend using cacao powder for this recipe for its health benefits. Coco powder is processed and generally has added sugar or dairy.


Cacao powder 1/4

Pumpkin puree 1 cup

Vanilla 1 tbsp




Almond flour 1 cup

Oat flour 1 cup

Zucchini 1 cup

Coconut Sugar 1/2 Cup

Chocolate chips 1/2 cup

Pure Maple Syrup 1/4 Cup

Eggs 2

Coconut oil 5 tbsp

Baking soda


Preheat oven to 350.

In a medium sized bowl, mix together Cacao Powder, spices, Almond Flour, Oat Flour, Coconut Sugar and Baking Soda.

In a separate bowl, melt the coconut oil and then add the eggs, vanilla and maple syrup.

Shred a cup of Zucchini in a Vitamix or blender. Squeeze out any access water with a paper towel.

Combine all of the ingredients by adding the Zucchini and wet ingredients in with the dry ingredients. Add in Chocolate Chips if desired.

Once they are placed in the muffin tins, place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

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