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Hello Friends,

I am Savannah, a Wife and a Mother to a beautiful 2 year old. I love red meat, sourdough and CrossFit. I read ingredients and I have a passion for using real food and meat and turning them into delicious recipes. I am six years sober from candy, artificial sweeteners and Oreos ( among many other things).

I was sort of a lazy kid. Most people would be surprised to hear that I did not grow up playing sports. I played Volleyball and basketball in middle school and I had way too much anxiety to do anything in High School. My Senior year my Mom made me go out for Cross Country so I did that and also ended up joining the swim team. I wish I would have done that my whole life because I could have been really good at it. As a kid, I really didn’t;t like to do much but watch TV or play computer games. I liked playing outside occasionally and my parents had an inground pool in the backyard so I did spend summers in there.

I was always really skinny until I hit high school. People used to tell me “You are so skinny, you can eat whatever you want.” So I did just that. I started eating pizza everyday for lunch or fast food. I also was not playing sports so I started to gain weight. I will never say I was overweight but I was definitely not in good shape. I tried to lose weight by doing the “Special K” Diet. I laugh at that now because it was such a horrible idea. I started losing weight because I was eating less. Then I started doing excessive cardio and would obsessively do sit ups and lunges. Slowly I ended up developing disordered eating patterns and got down to 118 pounds at 5′ 9″. Eventually I ended up cycling in and out of diet and would get back up to a healthier weight but still had body dysmorphia. One good thing came from this. I fell in love with working out.

All through college I worked out five or six days a week, but I ate horribly. I fluctuated a lot in weight and my diet consisted of alcohol, fried food, Jimmy Johns and when I lived in Texas I inhaled Sweet Tea.

When I graduated college in 2016 I moved home and started losing weight because I was eating better and drinking less. I started Crossfit in October and my entire life changed. I instantly fell in love. I started losing weight right away and decided that I wanted to get stronger.

I will never forget the time I was sitting at lunch during work eating my crappy homemade sandwich on $4.00 wheat bread. I remembered thinking to myself, I know this is not healthy and it doesn’t even taste good. I figured I may as well start eating something healthy that doesn’t taste good. I started prepping healthier lunches likes salads. Admittedly, they did not taste great at first. It took me a while to learn how to create a tasty and healthy salad. As I dove more into Nutrition I started learning about the importance of organic foods and the dangers of sugar. I slowly started transitioning to healthier options and I eventually gave up dairy and refined sugar all together.

Fast forward five years and I am completely dairy free, gluten free( besides the occasional beer). I do not have any processed foods, artificial foods, or refined sugar. I feel incredible, I love the way I look and I have learned how to get my sweet tooth fix through delicious Whole Foods recipes. My passion is to help others defeat their addiction to sugar and turn their health right-side up.

Thank you so much for coming across my page. Creating recipes and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist have been long time goals of mine.

Get Ready to get cooking,


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I am a fashion photographer and blogger, feel free to read the whole story. Whereas a trend often connotes a very specific aesthetic expression, and often lasting shorter than a season.

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I am a fashion photographer and blogger, feel free to read the whole story. Whereas a trend often connotes a very specific aesthetic expression, and often lasting shorter than a season.

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